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Just Rebranding Our Website!

Nex Gen Dynamics is a Chicagoland Creative Agency specializing in all your marketing, media and IT consulting needs. We are a group compiled of creative misfits who not only think outside of the box, we live outside of the box. We are the type of agency who question if the box is even there in the first place.

Nex Gen Dynamics has grown by over 500%, and that growth has brought in a collection of innovative minds and new marketing strategies. A rebrand is being put into place to better articulate and establish the newfound Nex Gen vision and identity.

The revitalized Nex Gen Dynamics squad consists of storytellers, writers, social media Jedi, graphic designers, brand strategists, researchers, marketing experts, producers, videographers, video editors, animators, web developers, photographers, analyzers, content producers, podcasters, live streamers, influencers, and more.

With a full in-house video production team and with immense growth of the graphic design team, a wide range of video and graphic services are available to current and future clients.

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