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At Nex Gen, our team of experts have years of experience and technical knowledge to understand your network needs. We can then determine the best and most effective solutions to grow your business.

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In today’s world, even an hour of network downtime can result in thousands of lost revenue and damage to your business’ reputation. Don’t take the chance. Choose an IT business partner who can provide a network infrastructure that’s tough as nails.


Mobility and connectivity are not a luxury but a business requirement. Strong network designs can offer the collaboration, accessibility and responsiveness that can make or break your business. And, Nex Gen is your compliance standards experts.


With a talented staff of IT professionals who care about your business, Nex Gen delivers network reliability, connectivity and resilience to hacking, SPAM and other dangers. Protect your business assets with the strongest network solution.

Network Security

In today’s world, businesses cannot expect to exist, expand or even survive without a strong network infrastructure—it is almost the backbone to business existence and growth potential. So, you can imagine how important your IT partner can play in protecting your business and its success.

And, no single solution protects your network from the threats that exist. Your company may actually require multiple layers of security—so, if one fails, others still stand. These security components my include:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall, to block unauthorized access to your network
  • Intrusion prevention systems to identify fast-spreading threats
  • Virtual Private Networks to provide secure remote access

Nex Gen Dynamics can help ensure your business is protected against disruption while meeting mandatory regulatory compliance. And because network security helps protect your customers’ data, we can reduce the risk of legal action against data theft. Ultimately, network security helps protect the reputation of your business—the most important asset of all.

Don’t Leave Your Business Vulnerable.
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Network Design

Through a one-on-one consultation, we will have the opportunity to gather important information regarding your objectives, purchasing plans and requirements. From here, we’ll provide a Feasibility Study and/or Network Need Analysis that will thoroughly outline your network needs. These reports typically address:

Feasibility Study

  • Current Situation: review of present network and related costs
  • Network Scope: the location(s), purpose/needs
  • Objectives of Network: secure service, integration and update, versatile information processing, collaboration with other equipment, scalability
  • Intended Users: primary, secondary, users of network, required applications, information and administrative rights
  • Design Assumptions: internet service provider, firewall in place, etc.

Network Needs Analysis

  • Data Type: types of data served by the network
  • Data Sources: software applications to produce data
  • Number of users and priority levels
  • Transmission speed requirements
  • Load variation objectives
  • Storage requirements
  • Reliability requirements
  • Security requirements
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With the ever-growing use of mobile devices, social media channels, cloud-based applications and intrusions, securing the vital assets of your business are critical. Nex Gen offers traditional or next-generation firewalls that are the fastest, most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to keeping your business safe while keeping your mission-critical applications running smooth.

Nex Gen Dynamics clearly understands each company has its own risk tolerance and cost considerations. Through our initial engagement, we can evaluate your priorities and wish list to align our recommendations with your specific needs. Also, we do not contract with a single enterprise firewall vendor so we can recommend the best solutions to our clients.

Arm Your Assets

Spam Filter

Sometimes, spam seems like a tsunami of junk that threatens the vulnerability of your email system. While there is no means to stop spam altogether, we can manage and guard against it with strong spam filters. Many times, multiple filters are used to assure the effectiveness. Here are some examples:

  • Bayesian Filtering: installed in many email applications
  • Email Firewalls: manage email servers and incoming spam, viruses and phishing attacks
  • Change/Response Filters: common at-home recipients

A NexGen consultant can assess your email security needs and present options that are best suited for your business—including leading server-based anti-spam and email security solutions.

Don’t Let Spam Leave Your Email System Vulnerable.

Web Filter

In the past, web content filtering was enough to configure a firewall that would block specific sites from being accessed. Unfortunately, this method does not offer deep packet inspection and only filters internet access based on domain name.

Modern and effective web content filtering solutions can scan more than the domain name. It can break down and analyze web traffic and pinpoint portions of a web page that should not be allowed into the internal network. Here are the main challenges we recommend our clients to consider:

  • Security: grave risk to your company’s security
  • Legal Trouble: liability for inappropriate content
  • Productivity: loss of employee productivity due to internet abuse

Nex Gen works with leading providers of web filters that will offer effective, efficient and practical web site security. Let’s review your present scenario, objectives and develop the correct solution within your budget.

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A Wireless Network is a robust device for improving productivity and encouraging information sharing. With untethered access to data, emails, applications and other network resources, employees can roam where they need to and have consistent access to the resources needed to do their tasks. Wireless networking can offer many advantages for your business, including:

  • Increased Mobility and Collaboration: roam without losing your connection; work together more effectively—allowing employees to take laptops from office to conference rooms without losing network connectivity.
  • Improved Responsiveness: connect to the information when you need it; provide better customer service. More Wi-Fi hotspots are appearing in airports, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants and some cities are installing municipal wireless networks that allow access anywhere within the city limits. Employees who are traveling have access to company resources and email wherever they are.
  • Better Access to Information: connect hard-to-reach areas; improve your processes
  • Easier Network Expansion: add users quickly; grow your network cost-effectively
  • Enhanced guest access: give secure network access to customers and business partners; offer a value-added service

If you are considering and/or planning the install of a Wi-Fi network, let’s talk.

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