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Nex Gen Dynamics has IT solutions for Education, Small – Medium Businesses, Enterprise Companies, and specific industries. Our IT services are top notch and our response time is world class. Put us to the test and contact us regarding any of our IT solutions. Questions? Call us today.

Audio | Video

Nex Gen Dynamics offers AV system design and installation. This includes AV solutions for classrooms, restaurants/bars, conference rooms, auditoriums, training centers and public displays. Best-in-class customer service includes:

  • Highly Personalized Approach
  • Practical, cost effective designs
  • Fast, Consistent Service
  • Experienced Technicians

Computer Repair

Our initial onsite analysis of your computer workstation environment can include subsequent computer repairs for:

  • Failed hardware components
  • Software bugs
  • Driver incompatibilities
  • Virus, spyware and malware problems
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Computer overhauls

If you are currently experiencing any of these problems, please contact us to schedule an onsite visit.

Custom Computers

Nex Gen Dynamics specializes in building custom servers, workstations and desktop PCs. We believe that building machines that are specific to your business is not only more cost effective but can dramatically improve performance.

Have you ever been with a customer or business partner and had to say, “Sorry, my computer is really slow today”? This statement was understandable in the 90s but technology has advanced since then and the machines you employ in your company should always be moving at the speed of today’s business technology.

Server Solutions

Dedicated Server

If your business network requires a dedicated server or servers, Nex Gen Dynamics can provide a custom-built server solution to accommodate specific functionality requirements or recommend a brand name server from Dell or other leading manufacturers. We also offer Web-Hosted options if needed.

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