Clouds Services for your Business


Our team of experts can help determine the best Cloud solution for your business needs today and in the future. Whether you need Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Storage, Cloud Telephony, or Cloud Backups, we can design the most effective solution.

Cloud Migration

Is your IT infrastructure ready for the Cloud? As information technology evolves, so do the strategies employed by both IT and business management to achieve company objectives.

While local networks have evolved into today’s Internet, perhaps the biggest change, in the way of businesses utilizing technology, is the adoption of cloud computing. After support ended for Windows Server 2003, there is no better time to address your long-term IT strategies and implement Cloud options. Nex Gen Dynamics can seamlessly migrate your office to the Cloud and create a powerful new experience.

Cloud Hosting

Do Cloud Hosting services make sense for you? Nex Gen Dynamics and its partners can provide hosting for websites on virtual servers that pull their computing resources from an extensive network of physical web servers. Cloud Hosting services fall under both Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). A typical Cloud Hosting offering can deliver reliability, physical security, scalability, flexibility, utility style costing, and more.

With an initial exploratory meeting to understand your current environment, challenges, and objectives, Nex Gen can help identify the Cloud Hosting strategy that is best for your business needs.

Cloud Storage

Many SMBs are embracing Cloud Storage features as the safest and most secure place to store and backup both personal and business computer data as opposed to hard drives on their local computer or server. This is not surprising with Cloud Storage offering many advantages including access from anywhere, quick and easy sharing, and safe and secure storage space at a low cost.

Wondering if Cloud Storage is a viable option for your business? We recommend you first outline a list of storage space and security technology objectives such as encryption or quick sharing. Next, give us a call and we can discuss strategies and vendors that will best fit your environment and needs.

Cloud Backups

Never worry again about offsite tape or drive rotation. Our custom software can easily and automatically provide Cloud Backup of all your critical data to a secured Data Center/Colocation Site. Nex Gen can even set up redundant servers, hot fail, and more.

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